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  Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

  Being a good parent is, of course, what every parent would like to be. But defining what it means to be a good parent is undoubtedly very __1__, particularly since children respond differently to the same style of parenting. A calm, rule-following child might respond better to a different sort of parenting than, __2__, a younger sibling.

  __3__, there’s another sort of parent that’s a bit easier to __4__: a patient parent. Children of every age benefit from patient parenting. Still, __5__ every parent would like to be patient, this is no easy __6__. Sometimes parents get exhausted and frustrated and are unable to maintain a __7__ and composed style with their kids. I understand this.

  You’re only human, and sometimes your kids can __8__ you just a little too far. And then the __9__ happens: You lose your patience and either scream at your kids or say something that was a bit too __10__ and does nobody any good. You wish that you could __11__ the clock and start over. We’ve all been there.

  __12__, even though it’s common, it’s important to keep in mind that in a single moment of fatigue, you can say something to your child that you may __13__ for a long time. This may not only do damage to your relationship with your child but also __14__ your child’s self-esteem.

  If you consistently lose your __15__ with your kids, then you are inadvertently modeling a lack of emotional control for your kids. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the __16__ of modeling tolerance and patience for the younger generation. This is a skill that will help them all throughout life. In fact, the ability to emotionally regulate or maintain emotional control when __17__ by stress is one of the most important of all life’s skills.

  Certainly, it’s incredibly __18__ to maintain patience at all times with your children. A more practical goal is to try, to the best of your ability, to be as tolerant and composed as you can when faced with __19__ situations involving your children. I can promise you this: As a result of working toward this goal, you and your children will benefit and __20__ from stressful moments feeling better physically and emotionally.

  1. A tedious B pleasant C instructive D tricky

  2. A in addition B for example C at once D by accident

  3. A fortunately B occasionally C accordingly D eventually

  4. A amuse B assist C describe D train

  5. A while B because C unless D once

  6. A answer B task C choice D access

  7. A tolerant B formal C rigid D critical

  8. A move B drag C push D send

  9. A mysterious B illogical C suspicious D inevitable

  10. A boring B naive C harsh D vague

  11. A turn back B take apart C set aside D cover up

  12. A overall B instead C however D otherwise

  13. A like B miss C believe D regret

  14. A raise B affect C justify D reflect

  15. A time B bond C race D cool

  16. A nature B secret C importance D context

  17. A cheated B defeated C confused D confronted

  18. A terrible B hard C strange D wrong

  19. A trying B changing C exciting D surprising

  20. A hide B emerge C withdraw D escape



  1.【答案】D tricky

  【解析】此处考察词义辨析+上下文语境。文章首段首句为主题句:每位父母都想成为好的父母。空格句开头为 but,句意上出现了转折,“但是如何定义好的父母是个难题”,since后给出了原因,“因为不同的孩子对待同样的养育方式反应也是不同的”。tricky 意为“棘手的,困难的”,符合句意。

  2.【答案】B for example

  【解析】此处考察上下文逻辑关系。前面说了不同的孩子对待同样的养育方式反应也是不同的,此句为例证,如果换一种养育方式,一个冷静而听话的孩子可能会比他的弟弟或妹妹反应更好些。所以用表示举例分析的 for example 最合适,其他选项另外、偶尔、意外地都不合适。

  3.【答案】A Fortunately

  【解析】此处考察副词词义辨析+上下文语境。空格所在句指出:还有一类父母描述起来会容易一些,这类就是非常耐心的父母。第一段告诉我们如何定义怎样才是好的父母是个难题,这里在上下文文义上是个转折,幸运地是/还好,有一类父母比较容易定义,并且各个年龄段的孩子都可以从他们的养育方式中获益。故选 Fortunately,其他选项偶尔,对应地,最终地都不合适。

  4.【答案】C describe

  【解析】此处考察动词词义辨析+上下文语境。第一段告诉我们如何定义怎样才是好的父母是个难题,第二段出现转折说但是有一类父母很好描述/定义,describe 与 define 相呼应,故选 C 符合句意。

  5.【答案】A while

  【解析】此处考察上下文逻辑关系。空格所在句指出:虽然每位父母都想成为耐心的父母,但这并不容易。逗号前后为转折关系,四个选项中 while 表转折,选 A 符合句意。

  6.【答案】B task

  【解析】此处考察名词词义辨析。虽然每位父母都想成为耐心的父母,但这不是个容易的差事/任务。task 意为任务,其余选项答案,选择,途径/权限都不合适,故选 B 符合句意。

  7.【答案】A tolerant

  【解析】此处考察形容词词义辨析。空格所在句指出有时父母会很累很沮丧,这时候对待孩子就很难沉着冷静(composed)和包容。tolerant 意为包容的,故选 A 符合句意。

  8.【答案】C push

  【解析】此处考察动词词义辨析+上下文语境。你也不是圣人/你也只是普通人,而且有时候孩子会把你逼的很紧。push 为催促/紧逼,此处 move(移动,使感动),drag(拖拽),send(发送)均不符合句意,故选 C。

  9.【答案】D inevitable

  【解析】此处考察形容词词意辨析+上下文语境。空格前一句指出:有时候孩子会把你逼的很紧。空格后一句指出你会失去耐心,对孩子大吼大叫。那么这是孩子把你逼的很紧的必然结果,inevitable 为无法避免的/必然的,故选 D 符合句意。

  10.【答案】C harsh

  【解析】此处考察词义辨析+上下文语境。空格句句意:你会失去耐心并对孩子大吼大叫,而且有时候会说一些很伤人/刻薄的话,对每个人都没好处。根据上下文,something 后面的形容词一定是贬义的,harsh 为刺耳的/严格的,故选 C。

  11.【答案】A turn back

  【解析】此处考察动词搭配+上下文语境。空格句句意:你会希望时间倒流,一切重新再来。turn back 为(使)往回走,take apart 为拆开/拆解,set aside 为把....放一旁/不理会,cover up

  为盖起来,均不符合句意,故选 A。

  12.【答案】C however


  了一般情况下父母是如何对孩子失去耐心,并且这很普遍(We've all been there/it's common),空格句对比上一段发生了转折,故选 C。

  13.【答案】D regret

  【解析】此处考察动词词义辨析+上下文语境。上一段描述了父母如何对孩子失去耐心,然后又希望时间倒流一切重新再来,那么疲惫时对孩子说的话一定是会让你后悔(regret)的,其他选项喜欢,错过,相信均不符合上下文,故选 D。

  14.【答案】B affect

  【解析】考察动宾搭配。结合原文语境,“这也许不仅会伤害你和孩子之间的关系,而且会...你的孩子的自尊”所以这里填上一个动词接后面的宾语自尊心,所以答案只能是 affect,“影响自尊心”。而 raise 提高,养育;justify 证明合理性;reflect 影响,均不能合理搭配。

  15.【答案】D cool

  【解析】本题考察动宾搭配,也是主题复现,cool 有“冷静之意。“如果你总是对你的孩子失去...,”本文一直在探讨的主题就是对孩子要有耐心,因此符合题意的只能是 cool, 而 time 时间,bond 结合,纽带,race 比赛,种族都不符合这里的语境。

  16.【答案】C importance

  【解析】本题考察名词的修饰关系,A of B 的结构中填名词 A,主要参照后面 of 结构对它的修饰作用。Of 结构在这里表示“建立对孩子宽容和耐心的...”联系前面说”我们越来越

  重视...”因此符合题意的应该是 importance“重要性”nature,自然、天性;secret 秘密,context环境。

  17.【答案】D confronted


  制的能力是所有生活技能中最重要的一项”,压力前面应该搭配“面对”故选择 confronted 其他的 cheated 欺骗,defeated 打败,confused 困惑均不符合。

  18.【答案】B hard

  【解析】此处考察表语形容词。主要参照跟前面的 incredible 加起来表示“不可避免的...一直对孩子保持耐心”可以先看选项 terrible 糟糕的,strange 奇怪的,wrong 错误的,这三个都不能放在此处形成合理搭配,所以 hard 更合适。

  19.【答案】A trying

  【解析】本题考察修饰关系。根据原文语境“一个更实际的目标是去尝试,尽你最大的能力,当你面对涉及孩子的...情况时,尽可能地宽容和冷静” 需要父母宽容和冷静的应该是不太好的情况,答案 trying 做形容词表示“令人厌烦的”最合适。changing 变化,exciting 激动人心的 surprising 令人惊讶的,均不能体现这里的含义。

  20.【答案】B emerge

  【解析】考察动宾搭配,这里的句义是“朝着这个目标努力的结果是,你和你的孩子将受益并从很有压力的这些时候...,在身体和情感上感觉更好”。只有“浮现,出现”最符合,所以选择 emerge, 而 hide 隐藏,withdraw 撤退,escape 逃避均为负面含义,故不符合。

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